Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The adoption...

Some people have asked us how the adoption is going. Sadly its not going nor looking close to starting. We haven't given up hope, we never will. We will pack up another package for him to send halfway around the world with treats to make him happy for one day. Its not like we have given up the dream of him coming home, but its like when I miscarried a baby, its not the end of the dream, we try again. However their comes a point when life has to move forward and you have to stop and get the pictures done without him. You have to see where your going in life without the what ifs. Like getting pregnant if it happens wonderful and then life will change then, but for now to keep my heart from being troubled, I have to imagine he won't come home and what we do then. We have waited for years for him to come home and join us. We started hoping when we first heard about him in Sept. of 07. We have prayed, prepared, walked in faith and like I said I pray he will and this will all happen. However the country has not opened and they aren't in any hurry. So because of that an orphaned boy will grow up another year alone with no mom and dad to love them and a mom and dad who love him will not get to watch him grow up....for now....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Got what we wanted!

We just got news that we will be able to rent the house we wanted the most. Its nice to know where we are going to be! Now we are just working out the details of the rent/purchase of this house. Its in the town we wanted to be in the most, the closest one we liked to my sister and it has enough bedrooms and an office for Randy to work out of!

Now I just need to learn my lesson and TRUST God and not freak out when it seems all hope is lost, because I am slowly learning thats when He loves to show up in a royal way. He doesn't leave his children to scramble He just arrives at the right time. He even promises to know what I need before I ask. Yet still I worry and stress and just like I do with my own kids He probably is rolling his eyes with a smirk thinking, this again, when will she learn. Luckily he is endlessly patient with me. Luckily he gave me a husband who is endlessly patient with me.

The second good news of the day.....Alex had written a story about how our family has come together and submitted it to her favorite magazine, Clubhouse (published by Focus on the Family) in March of 09. Today I got a call saying they had it were going to publish it in their November edition! Her dream is to be an author. She has lots of books she has started and stories she has written. She is a dreamer who makes dreams happen. She currently has a business where she makes friendship bracelets and donates all the money to orphans in Liberia and a girl in American with cancer. Now she has her first published piece and she is sooooo happy! Not bad for 12!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am back!

Its been a long time since my last blog. Whats happened since then.....we finally got an offer on our house. Not what we were expecting by an offer to lease our house with the option to buy it. So we are moving in a few weeks back to the south, to Texas! Time to pull out the cowboy boots and hats. Start saying things like fixin and lovin on.............although I cannot bring myself to call it a sack, southerners must understand that where I grew up in the Northeast, that has an entirely different meaning and it makes me giggle inappropriately, it will remain a bag....

We are waiting to hear about a house to rent. We are in the awful time of waiting with no control over anything. My husband agrees with me when I say I have a bit of a control issue. I prefer to have it. We are supposed to head down in 3 weeks and we have 30 boxes packed and are just praying for God to work out the rest. Actually in some ways its kind of exciting. I like to pretend I am faithful enough to be a missionary and what a fraction of this feeling I get to experience, just waiting on God for a new adventure. I did spend a few days dwelling on the what ifs, and I got to play Thomas the doubter. God was faithful and pulled me right up and brushed me off and put me back on track. My eyes are solidly above me and I am determined to walk this all in faith. Not perfectly by any means, because I still struggle with the lack of control thing.

I will post more soon, I miss blogging and even if no one reads it, I like to pretend they do!