Monday, September 19, 2011

Why me....

I read another blog recently that sent me thinking. It talked about those time we are all guilty of throwing the little pity parties. You know the days where you say why me.....I swear some days its like the teen years never left my emotions. I can be known as a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I am guilty of the why me Lord prayers. You know the Lord I have ticked off all the religious boxes, I am not consciously breaking any major laws........why me.......why can't it just be easy. But this blog post asked.....why not me? Why shouldn't it be me? Why am I any more worthy of an easier road then anyone else? It really changed my perspective. Here I am asking a God who lifted me out of the thorns of sin unscathed into eternity, whose hands bled while saving me from the thorns I willingly walked into, why can't I have it easier....... Really what right do I have to expect and sometimes embarrassingly enough demand my way to a holy God who very well could have poured his wrath out on all humanity. Seriously have you been out of the house lately, have you noticed how humanity isn't always acting very holy? Ten minutes on the news is enough for a holy God to say shut down the people operation, they aren't interested in the life I have to offer. But thankfully he doesn't, he is infinitely more patient then I am. I have the blessing of knowing I have the Holy Spirit within me, in fact there is no one more built to withstand the hard times then one who can claim that. Why not me, why not take on the suffering or really its an injustice to call most of it suffering in comparison to others around the world. Why should I not taste a piece of what my Savior suffered for my sins. How can I fully appreciate the sacrifice at the cross if I can not withstand the small discomforts or larger suffering moments of life. It really has changed my perspective.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Schooling and sickness and September Oh my!

I used to be good at regularly blogging...maybe I am getting old or something. They seem to come in monthly updates now! School is going much smoother this year. Worked out many of the kinks last year and found a good routine, although I am always adjusting the schedule a bit. We seem to have not been able to avoid the back to school flu. I will blame it on a certain 4 year old who seemed to have brought this lovely virus to our home. He had it, I had it, my husband and daughter now have it. The good news is, it has given us plenty of home time to get things in order and get our routine cemented for the school year. Then there is our big news, if your on facebook with me you already know it, but we are going to be adding #8! As much as we would love for it to be our Keith whom we haven't yet given up on after 3 years, its our surprise. Her name is Zia Joy. She is 6 years old and we are just waiting for paperwork between states to bring her home. We are thrilled about our new addition! We weren't planning on adding a 6 year old daughter, but once I saw her little face I had that feeling in my heart. I look at waiting children a lot, but sometimes one of the faces stands out and I know I am to pursue the situation. Sometimes they don't pan out and I realize that it was another child to add to my prayer list but this time it was a good match and now our prayers are for the paperwork to go through supernaturally fast and be bringing her home forever. Not sure how it affects the name of this blog......perhaps since one is a teen she isn't a dwarf and adding in a new dwarf would keep us at 7 dwarfs....but what would that make her..... a gnome, an elf....not sure. Something to ponder while I wait for the call to bring her home!