Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Who I am

The thing about moving to a new area is no one really knows you. For some moves its been great to start new, as sometimes its hard to shake who you were and who you are. However sometimes not knowing who you were can set a false idea of who you are. I don't ever want to seem fake or not genuine. I finally almost 32 years into my life am comfortable with my past, realize who I am has been a journey. I am not afraid to live, but I do have my fears! I didn't follow the perfect plan for life, but hearing and listening to others I have learned, most people haven't. There is always more below the surface. I have learned not to assume all is as it seems and that its OK! I don't have life figured out and I am not sure I want to. I won't measure up to some in my mind, but I am farther then I ever thought I could be. I am not sure measuring up would make me any happier anyway. My standard of measurement changes with the wind, as does my dreams. Its who I am. I am a big dreamer, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a self conscious woman at times, a self confident woman at times.......... I feel as though I can take on the world, but yet some days it seems too much to leave the house. I am a grass is greener person, I can get extremely excited about life and then in day crash when I don't see it happening. I am impatient. I am a sucker for kids, especially those in need, but I am a strict mom. I step out in faith and then I doubt, I have a lot in common with Thomas. I love the Lord, but struggle with always leading a disciplined life. I am lucky to have a husband who accepts me who I am and fills in where I lack. I have thin skin and take too much personal. I want to be everything to everyone who needs it but I can get down when I can't. I am me, its who I am :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We arrived!

We made it to the new house and its fantastic! The kids are settling in, anxious to make some new friends. I have visited with my sister, brother in law and nephew a ton. Probably more in the last week then in the last few years. We have about 98% of the house unpacked. I am excited to see what this chapter of life brings. The move went well, except our things took a beating. I wouldn't recommend ABF movers. Most of our items were damaged, box springs crushed, couches ripped, ping pong table torn up, furniture scratched. We even had professional movers load the truck and it still arrived all beat up. Luckily we aren't too attached to things, so we will just file a claim and stay excited for our new adventure. This way its no pressure when the kids break stuff.... :) Since we didn't sell our other house and rented it out, the cost of this move came out of pocket, so this new adventure starts will us buckling down and becoming super frugal. I like to make it like a game, that way it doesn't seem like work. We will try to pinch penny's and pay off all debt we have incurred. Back to unpacking the last 2%!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 days and counting......

In 8 days we will leave our home and head to our new home! I can't wait to see what God has planned for us!! I have 77 boxes packed and still some more to go. The new house is all ready for us to move into. We have a deal with the people moving in to rent with the option to purchase. They have said they really want to buy it, so we are moving in faith that they will! If not in about 2 years my posts will be about selling our house up here! So we are at the wonderful part of the move, we have 6 days to pack up and after 7 moves we are pretty good at sorting out what we need. As of right now only one important thing (my phone charger) is in a taped up box, which we will need to reopen. I do love moving, I like the adventure of a new place to explore, the new house, the new neighborhood. I don't really like the new doctors and dentists and forms times 7 (although strangely enough I do love filling out forms). This move is different then our last 3 moves because we are moving closer to family. My sister and her family will be only 20 minutes from us!! We haven't lived that close to any family for the past 5 years! I am so excited for that.

I am looking forward to all the changes happening in our life. I am excited to move back to the south and I am excited to start homeschooling. Randy and I have wanted to move to this area for years, yet we always seemed to overshoot it or head the wrong way. For us, its like finally a dream we literally have talked about since high school coming true. Its a corny dream, but we just always loved the area and even before we knew much about it had a drive to move there. Life is going to look so different for us in just a week, its hard to believe!