Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update on Rositsa's adoption

It has been awhile since I updated where we are in the process of bringing Rosie home.  We received our completed and signed homestudy on July 24th and forwarded it to our agency.  They sent in the paperwork for our i800a and today we found out the check was cashed, so hoping thats good news!  We had been electronically fingerprinted for our dossier and sent it our agency, but turned out it was only run through the state of TX and not through the FBI and Bulgaria is specific in the paperwork they want.  So we had to go to the police station and get fingerprinted again and mail it into the FBI headquarters.  So now that is being processed.  We have stack of papers to be signed and notarized and then we need to get papers signed and notarized by our doctors (although we have already had the appointments, so this should take too long) and while we are waiting on that we will hopefully get our appointment to be fingerprinted again (this is for the USCIS and immigration) and then the clearance.  Once our agency has all this it will be forwarded to Bulgaria and translated and we will invited to come and visit Rosie for the first time.  Then we will return home and they will send all our documents to court to get the official adoption decree then we will travel back to bring her home.  So we are almost halfway there!  I would love to have her home for Christmas, but without a miracle I am thinking she will likely be home earlier in the new year. I am slowly learning a little Bulgarian, to hopefully make the transition a little easier. 

Other then that to keep us busy while we wait, we are getting ready for the new school year.  We are starting Aug. 20th so this week I was organizing the homeschool room, seperating books, filling pencil boxes.  It will be so nice to get back into a school routine!