Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its funny......

I can remember being in school and having to leave for a doctors appointment or be out sick and feeling a weird sense of thrill driving around seeing what was going on all that time I was in school. I remember wondering what life would be like when I didn't have to go to school and I could be free! I remember feeling like such a failure when I brought home less then good grades in Geometry, Technical Drawing and Chemistry. I honestly did try hard in school, if you don't count homework which I was terrible at remembering to do. The thought struck me as I was driving around the other afternoon at 1 when school was in session. I am here I have arrived!!!!!! Well honestly I have been here awhile, it just seems that starting your family while you are in school (college for me) tends to keep you busy enough to keep some thoughts away for awhile. What occurred to me though was more important then the periodic table to my life was my mom and dad teaching me about having a checkbook, technical drawing has never touched my life but more importantly was learning how to drive. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of education, without it we are a third world nation. However, I am learning that education is just a piece of who we are. Some people are drawn to drawing and end up architects or are excited about chemistry and work in labs or someone who loves geometry...ummmmm to be honest not sure where that leads........ I watch my kids soar in some subjects and struggle with others and I hope I can show them that we all can't be good at everything, nor are we designed to be! Take the things you love and run with it, as for the rest do your best! I find it funny that I spent 13 years in public school and that was what my whole life revolved around and now my kids bring home work that I kinda remember learning about, but since then I have not ever thought about it or used it! Just random thoughts..............

Monday, March 1, 2010

My first award!

How exciting I got my first blog award thingy! I was nominated by Steffany who is a wonderful amazing woman! She is truly inspirational and is "that" lady. You know the one that you read their blog or hear about and wish they were your friend, cuz they are just that cool..... So you can imagine how giddy I felt when I saw my name up there :)

For this award I am suppose to list 10 things that make me happy....
1. Jesus
2. Randy
3. All of my children
4. Babies
5. Vacations
6. Swimming
7. Baking
8. Music
9. Watching kids change when they have stability
10.Watching weather

Then I am supposed to pass this award onto 10 other people .....
1. HollyAnn-- Without here we would still be a family of 4. She was not only a great adoption agency provider, but a great friend! She is incredibly strong and determined. She follows God with her whole heart.

2. Summer is a woman who I have never met and lives worlds away in Uganda. Her spirit and determination to follow God inspire me. She is a mom to many beautiful children!

3. Michelle and her family are a family that I have met through blogging. Their journey has taken them to 3 countries (almost) with 6 children! Talk about amazing!!

4.The Burkulator cracks me up! She is a highlight of my blog reading day. She is funny and very insightful!

5. Chrissy is someone I knew through school. Her blog is funny and her kids amazingly adorable! She is truly a great mom.