Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting ready to meet our Rosi!

We received our official notification that we are matched with Rosi and now we can travel to visit her next month!  Randy will make this first visit.  We are so excited to get to know more about her and bring her some things.  We will get to send/bring her some early Christmas gifts!  She should be able to come home about 2-4 months from then.  Its crazy to look at her picture and think that beautiful Bulgarian girl will soon be my daughter forever.  I wonder if she will ever comprehend how much she wanted by us.  I suppose when she is a mom she will :)  I had constantly checked my email for weeks for this news with each day passing disappointed, then I decided to go out one night to an adoption meetup group and while there I got a text from Randy sharing the news.  I suppose that's one of the best places to announce it, you can always count on other adoptive moms to cheer :)  So now we get ready for a crazy month of December!