Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unexpected things!

Yesterday I heard about a little boy in an orphanage that needs a family by the 31st of October. If he did not find a home he would be transferred to an orphanage where he wouldn't be eligible for adoption. He is in a country that normally does not allow large families to adopt. However I sent an email just asking if they would make an exception because of his immediate situation. I really expected the woman to tell me that we wouldn't be able to help and I could let my conscious rest knowing I did all I could do. However she asked for more information and a picture of our current family and she is going to present it to the people in the other country to see if we can get an exception. This little boy is 7 years old and has some special needs. So now I sit and wonder.......will he be ours??? I told Alex today,I might not always do everything the best or know how its all going to work out but I hope God will say at least I tried! The thoughts of a hopeless future for a 7 year old orphaned child makes my heart break. So I will keep everyone updated!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogging slacker

I have been a blogging slacker. It hasn't been intentional. It hasn't been a test or some great thing I am trying to prove. Its just been life :) Homeschooling the kids has been keeping me busy. That along with the church plant that Randy and I have joined up with here. We have agreed to take on the Children's ministry. I have also been thinking a lot about something our pastor had said about working. He reminded us that we are made to work. He also reminded us that our work is done when Jesus returns. So I started thinking about life. I don't believe that caring for the orphans is a calling, it is a command. We are commanded to care for the widows and orphans. For me I have often thought great I have had 7 kids and technically they were all born before I turned 30 (granted some came home after I turned 30). Lately I have been looking at the world and how little it really takes to change a child's life. What impact a family has on kids. I am not a perfect mom and we are not a perfect family. I have cried many a tear over a child. I do know though that my 11lb 11 month old baby boy who couldn't sit up in Sept of 2007, is now an extremely tall and happy and healthy almost 4 year old. He loves his family, he is learning his abcs and he sleeps securely wrapped up in his blankets every night. I know that my girls who came to us scared and lonely with big tired bags under their eyes have found true rest in our home. They are 2 smiley extremely bright little girls who love life. I have seen my oldest 2 children learn to share their parents and lives and rooms and toys with 5 strangers without complaint. I have a 9 year old who came to us a tiny, malnourished, scared 6 year old who now is strong, healthy and looking forward to a life including college and a family. The life she left would have likely led her to poverty and exploitation. I see my 6 year old little boy who has taken 3 years to truly laugh. He was our silent boy in Sept of 2007, his bloated belly full of worms. He would listen and follow, his words slow and stuttered. Now we have to remind him of his manners when he boldly speaks out, he is healthy and finally we hear him giggle and laugh over silly songs and stories. Like I said we are definitely not perfect we don't have the answers and we live a busy life, but that said, I am ready for more work. I am ready for more if God sees fit. I have found myself lately looking at sibling groups of up to 8 children and mentally figuring out how we can make it work. I know that 8, 10, 12 or more kids sounds crazy, but usually its in the crazy not the mundane that God shows up in a mighty way. I don't know where it will lead, only God does, but I do hope that we can continue to have the privilege to cry, laugh and pray for more little (or big!) ones.