Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adoption Update!

Well we have FINALLY finished our dossier and it has all been mailed to our agency.  We thought the USCIS fingerprinting would take the longest but that took 2 weeks after we filed to get fingerprinted and got the approved form in 3 days after that!! Record time!! However the letter from our doctors turned out to take a much longer time, but no dwelling on that now, because it is all on its way to the agency, which will forward it to Bulgaria to be translated and processed and then in a few weeks we will get to meet Rositsa!  Now to figure out what to pack in a care package for her. Its a little harder to guess what a 12 year old might like than a 3 year old!    Praying all of this goes quickly so she can join us. I have had a hard time accepting this is really happening.  After not bringing Keith home and then the girl from India fiasco, its hard for my mind to believe this is working :)  However once I sent those last papers, I got misty, started to imagine what it will be like to hug her, hold her hand, love her....and I began to wonder has she ever had a family long for her to be home?  Has she ever known the kind of love she is about to experience?  Perhaps she has, I pray at some point she has experienced family love, but if not 12 years is a LONG time to wait and I hope her wait to be coming to an end as soon as the good Lord allows!

Friday, September 21, 2012

I don't get it!

I am in awe and admiration of those of you who can do. I however cannot, no matter how much sense and time saving it incurs.  I am talking about cell phones and yes I am not that old and this shouldn't be as hard as it seems.  I am a slow texter, although I can text!  My issue comes with calling people in any place but a quiet room....which is a rare thing in a house with 7 homeschooled children.  I watch people make calls while in the car, at the store, in a waiting room, walking, biking, chasing toddlers at the park..... I just don't see how it works.  Once my mind is driving, walking,  chasing or even watching children I totally can't concentrate on what someone is saying on the phone.  In fact I don't even hear it!  Or if I hear it I can't imagine remembering what I need to pick up at the store.  I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch with people I don't see regularly unless they email or text, that I can do in a loud room :)  When I do talk on the phone I literally have to go in my room and close the door to talk and usually when I do that the children know mom isn't listening and then the house becomes some sort of crazy house.....  So here is to you phone talkers.....You are way more awesomer then me, to those who feel I don't call enough, I am thinking of it and just wait till the kids move out, your phones will be ringing off the hook.  Until then feel free to email and text!!  Last note, I do feel like its weird for people to talk in waiting rooms, I feel like I am eavesdropping but can't help it!