Sunday, September 11, 2016

Being real and honest

Are we being honest?  I mean really honest?  I was thinking today about churches....I have attended many different types but one thing in all has remained the same....who are we fooling?  We are a bunch of broken people coming together a perfect God.  God is really clear in the Bible none of us are good, not one.  Yet put us imperfect people together and we end up standing there trying our best to look the perfect part.  Attend church services or functions or prayer groups or Bible studies and you will quickly understand the idea of the awkward silence.... Usually when someone is asked to share prayer requests or praises or asked to come forward to pray with pastors or elders.  Its funny because today I was thinking about all those moments and thought who are we fooling, anyone who truly can walk through a week and say they can't think of any problem or issue in life that they need prayer in should most definitely have a praise to report!  Yet we are silent and awkward and that familiar junior high sweaty feeling starts creeping up the neck...we are afraid to be seen as what we are, imperfect.  We are fearful that it will sound too dramatic to ask for prayer in this, or weak to need help with that.  Yet if that is true if that many of us do not need prayer and we don't feel comfortable praying for others, what is the draw to corporate worship, why not leave it at home in the private corners.  I am learning its because deep down we are seeking it, we want to be around those with the courage to speak up and be real and honest.  All you have to do in group of people is break the ice about something that is real and suddenly everyone is piping in almost in relief and in unison.  You feel this human connection with someone that you used to hold in this holier than thou place in your mind.  Suddenly people are starting to be honest.  Yes, this is my once a week make up...and in an hour I am going to go put on my real clothes....Yes, my favorite hobby is watching TV at night.....Yes my child is making me crazy and no I don't think I will miss this stage.....  My point is we have too many programs and too many things going on without people feeling comfortable being real.  Its why we secretly love that tv show or blog or whatever gives us that breath of ohhh good its not just me..... I am totally part of this culture so I understand the uncomfortableness but I am also starting to see how it has a negative impact on sharing our faith.  People who need to see us living real life with real problems and real community to lean on are instead seeing a lot of people who seem to have it all under control and are not interested.  So I am challenging myself to be more real and I can hear my children shudder....they already think I am way to honest at home :)