Monday, November 30, 2009

No Orphans of God

I saw this on another blog and I wanted to share it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Large Van Etiquette

I drive a 12 passenger van out of force due to the fact that we have 9 family members (hopefully 10 soon) and cannot fit in anything smaller. That said I wish to put out some general reminders to other drivers..........

1. Surprisingly these vans don't have a lot of pick up therefore please to not honk your horn when you hope they will turn on right with cars coming at them.

2. On a big bend in the road I will brake as there is a big sticker in front of my face showing me how the van will roll over if I take a tight corner. Please do not come up as close as possible to the back of my van.

3. In a parking lot please realize that there is 1 side door for getting in and out of van. Driving a 12 passenger van most likely means it is carrying many people who need to get in and out. Therefore when you park within 2 inches of the door, you make a very difficult situation of getting said people in the van.....including many small children in my case!

4. To go along with the above comment...there is a very small space behind all the seats to put strollers or groceries and since the van fills up the yellow lines please to not park 2 inches from the back door.

Thank you............ ;)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am an aunt again!

My sister had an adorable baby boy yesterday afternoon 7lbs and 3ozs of pure love! This is my sisters first baby, but she is a natural mom. I loved being able to "be there" with her through the magic of texting. She lives 3 states away and so I couldn't be with her physically. I am however going to visit her in a couple weeks and I am excited to get to hold my new nephew. Zeke saw the picture of his newest cousin and announced to us all that it was friend. So I guess less then 24 hours old, he already has a friend :)