Thursday, April 29, 2010

Whew fun on ebay!

As we were cleaning out the basement in hopes of moving someday, I decided to put a few things up on ebay. As you can see above, we have quite a few clothes to purge! Its one thing about having a lot of kids, clothes just collect! I didn't think they would sell because my few tries on ebay in the past haven't gone far. But they sold! I was so excited to make some money and help clean out the basement! I am using the money earned to buy things for next year. We have decided to homeschool all 7 kids next year. I am super excited. Its something I have wanted to do for awhile but it just never was the right timing in all of the family's hearts. First my oldest daughter approached me a few months ago saying she was interested in it, then my son followed, then my husband too and I was so excited to see things I have been praying and thinking about be confirmed! So it will be an adventure, but we are all excited. So my hope is that this summer we will finish cleaning out the basement, have a yard sale, sell the house, pack up, move to Texas and get homeschooling underway. My prayer too is that sometime in their Liberia opens and Keith comes home to join our little school :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Make Mothers Day Matter!!

This is an awesome organization that is run by an incredible lady. PLEASE consider donating to this cause! I know those of us who are mothers know how much love a mother has for her child, regardless of their circumstances. I was a 19 year old mom who was scared to have her first baby, I almost died, my baby could have died.... I was forever blessed to be living in a country in which doctors could save my life and my daughters. That was 12 years ago and because of that blessing, I can be a mama to 6 more children and Alex is an amazing girl! So PLEASE give these women and children dignity!


What they do.....To reduce the occurrence of maternal and infant mortality by providing sterile birthing kits, holistic childbirth and development centers, and sponsorships of mothers in East Africa

We have no trinkets to sell. We have nothing that you can purchase to give to your mothers or women of importance in your life on Mother's Day. All we have is a vision. A vision of a holistic maternity and infant development center to be built half way around the a village probably not big enough to be on a map. Because- it is not okay that 1 in 11 women in E.Africa dies due to pregnancy related causes. What do we need? Simply-We need money. What can we offer this Mother's Day? Hope. And the assurance that 100% of your donations go towards building the clinic. There are 3 Fridays left until Mother's day. We are asking 3 things. 1. Every Friday donate $10 that is a total of $30. 2. On Fri. make this your status and provide a link or address to donate. 3.Please let your mom, your friend, your wife, your daughter know that THEY MATTER! Please memo BEMM when donating

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am a terrible blogger lately!

I would love to say that I have been so super busy doing wonderful and amazing things lately so I haven't had time to update. Truth be told....I just haven't had anything to write much about lately! Things here are turning spring like, and I am loving it. After the long winter days with no time to play outside, the whole family is relieved to burn off energy on bikes and wagons! We have had our house for sale for 3 months now and only have had 4 showings and 0 offers. I am trying to be patient while God works out the details. It is nice knowing we can move whenever and Randy doesn't have to be in another state to start a job without us! Still no news on when Liberia is going to pass new adoption laws and when we can bring Keith home. Our homestudy expires this month and we will have to update it or get a new one in Texas if we move before things open. Its funny I feel as though I should feel defeated and feel like he will never come home, yet I am hopeful. I explained to the kids tonight during our devotion, my experience in life has been that when God lets us walk through hard times, he never lets us walk in it forever. He is always waiting around the corner with a bigger blessing then we can imagine. So many times I have let myself fall into the trap of believing that because it doesn't look like what I planned God must have forgotten through experience of faith, I KNOW the harder this wait for Keith, the more beautiful God's plan will be.

On to funnier news........ Zeke and I tonight had a battle of the wills, I told him if he was going to be nice and stay in his bed I would give him a kiss and leave the light on in the hall...he I think I will be rude tonight turn off the light. Then he took my kiss off his lips with his hand and handed it back!! Later I hear a little voice I am ready to be nice, can I have my fooch (which is what he calls a kiss). So I kissed him and he STAYED in his bed! Woohoo I win :)