Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tornado Sirens....

This morning I was dreaming that tornado sirens were going off and in my dream I picked up my phone to see what was going on and I couldn't get the phone to work right and in my dream I woke up and saw my oldest daughter downstairs finishing some homework and we were talking...when suddenly I woke up and laid in bed thinking...weird I still hear sirens....wait I hear real sirens..... So I hopped up confused still from my dream and promptly woke up my husband.  I ran downstairs to watch the news to see what was happening (and it was 4am so no daughter was still awake).  The storm was not quiet here yet, so I went up and talked about whether we should wake up all 8 kids and risk them not going back to sleep....  We decided to wait, but a few minutes later they were saying everyone in our town/area should get in their shelter....I woke up the girls and Randy woke up the girls and the following is a humorous moment in time that happens when you have 8 kids....

Older 3 girls were up and heading down stairs
Younger 2 girls....I say wake up nicely twice...nothing....then I say TORNADO wake up and they were up and running.
We get downstairs and really there was no real storm yet so we are standing in the hallway.
Daughter "where are we going" Me "In the shoe closet and we will die of the smell"
Oldest daughter, "mom can we bring mints it..." Me "good idea...that's a lot of breath"
Daughter "But I have a cold..." Me "face the back of the closet so we don't get germs on us"
(We never ended up needing to go into the closet....)
Me to a son "Get away from the big windows"  a few minutes later to a daughter "get away from the big windows"....a few minutes later "get away for the windows that's the whole point we are here!!"
Daughter..."I have to go to the bathroom" Me "Go ahead but don't be like Elvis and have it end on the toilet."
Son "Can I watch tv" Husband "no".....a few seconds later.... same son "can I watch tv"  Husband "no"
Oldest daughter..."Dad are you wearing jeans?"  Me " Yes your dad and I like to dress up for tornadoes"  She says "Seriously did you sleep in jeans" Husband "No I put them on before I came down"

Finally sent them all back to bed at 4:45....and now at 6 my youngest is up watching tv......never a dull moment.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What will it cost...

The other day I was talking with some of my children about the Old Testament versus the New Testament and one child said that he was glad he lived in this age because he didn't like the idea of a sacrifice for forgiveness of sins.  He mentioned that its so much easier now.  I reminded him (and myself) that although it is tempting to think that our sins are forgiven because God just said so (and really because we don't see our own sin as so bad) and that their is no real price to pay, there was.  As we start this season of thankfulness, I was reminded and explained to my children, our sin was paid for through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  He paid the penalty so that we did not not have to make the sin offerings talked about in the Old Testament.  However the sacrifice made through the cross was so much more then an animal sacrifice.  We talked about how we take that for granted so many times.  We know the price he paid and yet we can find ourselves talking about our own sin and acting in our own sin in a way that its not a "big deal" or this is just a little sin, God won't mind...  However when flipped around and we talked about how we would feel if it cost us a brother, sister or friend for the sake of another and that person came and told us continuing doing the thing that cost our loved one his or her life wasn't a big deal, the kids were very vocal about how unfair that was and how upset they would be.  Its true, we forget the sacrifice Jesus made for us, we tend to minimize our part.  Jesus tells us following him will cost us our life.  Laying down the things we want for others, because that is what he did for us.  But I get it, its hard, we know what we want and frankly sometimes others aren't doing or saying what we want to do or hear.....That is why I am learning ever so slowly it seems, to keep my eyes on the cross because when I think about the payment that was made on my behalf for my selfish sin and pride, it sets my attitude right about the demands I put on others.  Jesus didn't wait for me to be "better", he didn't wait for me to fix my attitude, he came to me when I was deep in the world, when I didn't even know I needed a Savior.  So then I should not wait for someones attitude to change, for their life to be "better", I should meet them where they are and show them the compassion and love that was given to me.  Thankful for the sacrifice made for me, I should go forth and show my gratitude to God by doing what I know he has taught through his word, loving my neighbor as myself.