Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The People Zoo

Alex and I were doing a devotional book together and one of the questions asked if I wrote a book about our life what would I name I said .....The People Zoo. So now true stories from our people zoo.................

One child actually decided to lick the toothpaste stuck on the inside of the sink.............EWWWW

Same child on an excited jaunt from the bathroom to the sprinklers outside deposited her clothes in a path leading down the hall.

Same child decided to pinch another child twice and then was told to go to time out, but to save time since she was in a chair on wheels, we just wheeled her to the time out spot.

A different child went to take a shower, only remembering pjs.........forgetting towels and undergarments, which I needed to deliver

While delivering said items, my husband had told a different smaller child that he was going to get his shower ready in a we were about to move a dresser into another room, which moving that we notice a totally naked little one ready for his shower running through house to let us know!

Some families get jazzed about the unveiling of the latest vacation not us, the kids and I were all excited for the unveiling of the new chore chart for the new house (seriously some kids were super excited.)

This morning I awoke to a certain 4 year old walking quietly over to my bed to let me know he was up, why so quiet?? He found his older brothers baseball socks, had hiked up his pj pants and pulled them up to his thighs.

Ahhh its a glamorous life ;) Wouldn't trade it for anything!