Thursday, June 11, 2015

To My Graduate

This year we graduated our oldest daughter.  I wanted to tell her so many things, but as I kept letting my emotions get the best of me I told her I would write it to her.  So here it is....

For the last 17 years you have brought more blessings than you will ever know.  From the moment I knew you were growing I loved you more than I knew I could love anything.  I cried when you were little and I had to be away from you because it would physically hurt to not have you nearby.  You were the beginning of a long line of kids and as you grew became not just my baby but my buddy.  We loved to play together, sing together and talk....lots of talks.  You taught me more then I taught you.  You taught me love, patience,and how to be strong in my faith.  You have accomplished so much and while the achievements are amazing, I am more impressed by your character.  From the time you were a toddler your empathy and love has gushed from you.  They nicknamed you Mother Theresa in kindergarten because of your empathy.  You're about to enter a new time in life, college and beyond and I want you to know you are ready.  You've got this.   You are going to make an incredible woman, wife and mother.  You will make mistakes, you will feel overwhelmed, we all do.  Let no one fool you, not one of us has figured out this adult thing.  I encourage you to take chances on things that seem hard.  Never give up on love even when it's hard.  Know you ALWAYS have your family to support you and though you won't need it, to fall back on.  We will always have your back.  I look forward to these years as we will grow closer as you grow into adulthood and share all the  All those things you have dreamed about are at the doorstep, it's almost time.  Congratulations my sweet girl!!  I am so proud of you.  I think you have solid roots. and now here are your!!  (But not too far cuz you're forever my shmoopy)

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